Yasmin Le Bon’s health and beauty secret revealed

-Oct 20, Jenny Paul, Beauty -

Yasmin Le Bon has opened up about how she is embracing life and feeling better than ever now she’s in her fifties. 

The 52-year-old supermodel, who is a mum-of-three and celebrates her 53rd birthday this weekend, reveals that mentally she feels as though she’s still in her twenties.

She admits: “I feel pretty good: calmer, less judgmental of myself. I feel that I could be stronger physically, but that will just take a little more work. I am learning to be patient and not push myself too hard. 52 sounds so old! I actually feel about 23 mentally.

“I started taking Lumity, a health and beauty supplement that has a very subtle effect. A few weeks later my three daughters (Amber 28, Saffron, 26 and Tallulah 22) all commented on my calm state.

“My mood was so much brighter and my muscles, which are normally so painful have been less tense.

“Like everyone, pressure can get to me. I suppose I am very sensitive to my moods because really all I have ever wanted is to be a calm, graceful hippie, but with a more extensive wardrobe! Of course the reality is somewhat different. I’m more vocal than I ever used to be, but I’m a hell of a lot nicer.”

Yasmin says that she has finally discovered that the secret of happiness is sleeping well, appreciating life, exercising and being careful about what you put inside your body, rather than what you slather on the outside of your skin:

She insists, “I’m 52, my skin is changing daily. I have to be careful how I sleep. I have been known to have pillow face for a whole day!

“My routine is the same as it has always been. I have always cleansed and moisturised, but I like to try different products. I think a change can be as good as a rest with regards to skincare. I believe that what you put inside has the biggest effect.

“Eating well and working up a sweat at least once or twice a week will give you the boost you need. It allows you to process sugar, stress and helps balance your hormones. Being happy is what makes you glow. Skin is sort of irrelevant if you can’t see the beauty around you.”

And, if you’re worried about getting older then Yasmin’s advice is don’t be, because age makes you more interesting.

She says, “The older people get, the more interesting they become. What makes us human is our ability to tell stories. Celebrity needs to be more meaningful and less narcissistic.

“If we all recognised the wonderful characters in our lives, maybe the world would be a richer place with more meaning. Ageing should be celebrated in all walks of life.”


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