Yoga star Gloria Latham shares five tips for wellness

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Gloria Latham

Gloria Latham does online courses as well as week-long transformational programs all over the globe in stunning locations including the Greek islands Tulum in Mexico, Tokyo and Vancouver. Best-known for her high-vibe yoga raves, in this interview she reveals her five non-negotiable wellness rules.

If you haven’t heard of Gloria Latham yet then you soon will. The Vancouver, Canada-based founder of Semperviva Yoga Studios worked as a licensed pharmacist for a decade before going on a journey where she found her calling as one of the most influential forces in Kundalini yoga globally, after finding that true health and wellness comes from practising daily yoga and meditation.

As well as changing people’s lives through the immersive retreats that she does, Gloria Latham also holds fabulous high vibe yoga raves which are designed to be inclusive and so that people of all ages and beginners and experts at yoga alike will enjoy them and come away feeling energised, happy and lighter emotionally.

We were lucky enough to go to one that she hosted at the Breathe As One Festival in Nice, France. They’re a clever fusion of Gloria leading the class with yoga moves and dancing set to uplifting dance music, along with motivational messages to live in the moment, shake off whatever has been bothering you and trust that everything is going to be alright. The energy from the crowd is both infectious and is palpable and you come away feeling fantastic.

Gloria tells Lumity that they’re a brilliant way to introduce people of all ages to yoga and that whether it’s a class of teenagers, or over 60’s she will pick songs that they’re going to know and respond to which will produce happy feelings and get them up and dancing.

We sat down with Gloria before her class at the festival and asked her what the five top wellness tips are that she has learned over the years.

Do this ONE thing every day 

“My first non-negotiable rule is to establish a daily practice,” Gloria tells Lumity Life magazine. “You don’t have to be obsessive, but make yoga and meditation something that you do every day.

“It is life-changing setting aside time each day to really connect with your higher conscious and inner guidance. Some days you could just make it being about focusing on your breath for a few minutes, but then on other days you can do a full hour and a half sequence of yoga as well as meditation.

“The more you make a point of doing this every day, the more time will open up for you to do it. That’s because you have set yourself up for your day properly and you will find that when you slow down you actually achieve more. You won’t start your day feeling ungrounded and not fully focused so you’ll accomplish more.”

The 3 hour food rule

“When it comes to food, I always say; before you put anything in your mouth stop and think, ‘how will this make me feel in three hours time?’,” Gloria tells Lumity. “If you’re about to eat something mid-morning or at lunchtime that’s going to cause you to feel tired and sluggish by mid-afternoon, stop and think what you can eat that will give you a steady flow of energy.

“It’s a simple rule and you’ll become more aware that what you eat makes you feel a certain way. I often teach classes in the evening and I’m accountable to my students so I have to make sure that I’m not having a sugar crash or feeling groggy because I had a huge plate of pasta.

“I make better food choices because of this rule and if you keep it in mind, you will too.”

Really BE with people

“When it comes to relationships, friends, lovers, or colleagues really be with them. Listen to what they have to say and don’t be continually glancing at your phone or whatever.

“Don’t take the people in your life for granted or only turn to them when you need something. If you can learn to fully be present in a relationship with another person, you’ll also begin to understand the relationship that you have with yourself.”

Get outside and enjoy nature

Gloria explains: “Nature really teaches us that you can’t rush things. Plants take time to grow, the sun rises and sets in its own time, you can’t rush them and there’s no easy short cuts.

“As well as being grounding, being outside whether that’s in a forest, or at a park, or at the beach, or on a hiking trail, nature inspires us with its beauty, it teaches us patience and reminds us of the importance of divine timing and everything happening when the time is right.”

Swim whenever you can 

“In an ideal world I would swim in the ocean every single day,” Gloria says. “I am not always able to do this, but the salt water and the raw power and energy of the sea and the waves crashing feels so emotionally cleansing. It’s a reminder that every day is a fresh start and that every day is a chance to let go of whatever happened yesterday and start all over again.  Today can be better than yesterday, and you can make tomorrow even better than today.”

Gloria Latham has a fantastic new online immersion class, you can get on the priority list by signing up here. They’re designed for everyone and you will notice immediate benefits in both your physical and spiritual growth from day one.

For a taste of what Gloria’s classes have to offer, below is a four minute morning sequence which she designed so that you can have a better day.



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