Can I mix and match Lumity supplements? – Your questions answered

-Mar 3, SARA PALMER HUSSEY, Health -

We have had some emails from clients who are interested in our new super booster supplements, but are wondering if they can be used alongside our Morning and Night formula, or if they can mix and match, swapping the morning formula for Power On, or the night capsules for Restful Nights.

Lumity’s creator, Sara Palmer Hussey, answers your questions

‘I’m all for the customers putting together what works best for them according to their needs,’ Sara says. ‘They may start with just one of the boosters because it speaks to a specific need, eg. sleep issues, lack of energy, etc. but then they like the results and want a more consistent regime and switch to Lumity Morning and Night and use the boosters only every now and again when they need a little extra support.’

How is Lumity Morning and Night different to the boosters?

‘Lumity Morning and Night works differently to the boosters,’ Sara says. ‘It addresses ageing and provides a foundational support to all the defence and repair processes in the body, keeping ageing at bay.

‘The boosters specifically target problem areas, so they’re great for those times that you have been travelling a lot (probably not the case right now) and have jet lag, or have been burning the candle at both ends but still need to work and pull out a good performance, or you’ve been under a lot of stress and worry that your immune system may not be on top form, etc. They don’t address ageing, so while both Lumity Morning and Night and the boosters can improve energy levels, for example, they come from different angles. Taking just one or the other is fine, but taking both provides better all-round support.’

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