Is zinc the ultimate secret weapon for gorgeous skin?

-Feb 20, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

When it comes to looking after your skin the first product you think to reach for probably isn’t going to be zinc, but this trace mineral can leave you looking clear-skinned and healthy. 


Whether it’s taken as a supplement or found in your food, a little bit of zinc goes a long way. While zinc is naturally found in cells throughout the body some people have low levels – the World Health Organization says 31% of people worldwide are deficient in zinc – or could just use a boost.

Here are five reasons why upping your zinc intake could do wonders for your skin.


Zinc helps to clear up your skin 


Pardon the pun but you’ll be able to ‘spot the difference’ if you suffer from breakouts and start eating more zinc rich foods or taking a supplement.

Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal, health skin helping to prevent niggly blemishes like spots, blackheads and wrinkles. 

A Swedish dermatological study claims doctors found the severity of spots was drastically decreased in just 4 weeks after acne suffering patients were given zinc supplements 3 times per day. Within 12 weeks 87 percent of the patients were totally cleared of their pimples. They branded the results “remarkable”.


Zinc can help with healing


If you’ve got cuts and wounds that seem to take an age to heal, you may be suffering from zinc deficiency. Zinc helps to keep your immune system working the way it should enabling your body to heal quickly.

Health coach and nutrition expert Karen Cummings-Palmer says: “When we are under stress from illness or a wound zinc rallies to help us heal so it makes sense to boost intake for short periods of time when the pressure is on.”


Zinc is a natural sunblock


Zinc oxide has long been considered the safest option for sunscreens. It scatters, reflects and absorbs UVA and UVB rays because the powdered mineral sits on the top of the skin. In other words, it physically blocks the harmful rays. Plus it prevents those pesky ageing brown spots.

Karen agrees: “Zinc oxide is a fantastic natural SPF that will both protect and soothe. Zinc is an unsung hero!”


Zinc smooths skin 


On top of everything else zinc could help you to look younger.

Karen adds: “Zinc really is an all rounder which supports skin conditions from breakouts to premature ageing as it helps calm inflammation and protects the skins fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing what I call face scaffolding – collagen.  By the time we hit our 40’s most of us would have lost about 40% of our collagen and I really believe it is loss of facial structure not the odd fine line that is the biggest game changer, so embrace anything that will boost your bodies own ability to produce more.”


Zinc soothes an itchy scalp 


It’s not just the skin on your face that you need to look after – the skin beneath your hair is equally important. Zinc pyrtithione helps relieve itchy scalps and therefore reduces dandruff. It’s an active ingredient in most anti-dandruff hair products and in the same way it helps flaky scalps it can also treat skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, athletes foot and simply dry skin.

If you’re looking to get your extra zinc intake from food alone, tuck into the likes of pumpkin seeds, garlic, chickpeas, dark chocolate and shellfish – just not all together!

NOTE: The recommended daily zinc intake for men is 11 mg and 8 mg for women.



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